Ace Cash Express

May 3rd, 2012 by revadmin

Ace Cash Express is one of the countries largest payday lenders.  They are also one of the longest tenured companies in the industry.  They have been in operation since 1968.  Ace’s stores are located across the United States, with a high concentration in Texas.

Ace Cash offers a wide variety of loan products, but loan products vary by state.  They offer traditional payday loan as well as a multi-payment installment loans.  Each product is state licensed, so you can trust that you are getting the consumer protection you expect in your state.

The application process for Ace Loans is fairly easy.  The application takes around 10 minutes to fill out, and covers multiple pages.  After completing the application, they will often call to verify information.

Since they are the direct lender, their service is excellent.  You will know exactly who you are dealing with should any issue arise.  Contact information is easy to find.

Their costs are average, but the service and speed more than makes up for it.  They are certainly one of the best in the business to deal with.


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Money Mutual

May 6th, 2012 by revadmin

Money mutual has performed extensive advertsing with Montel Williams as spokesperson.  What most people don’t realize is they only operate as a lead generator for many other lenders.  They have extensive relationships with many top lenders, so it is highly likely that an application will be accepted.

As a lead provider, it is impossible to know in advance the rate that a consumer will pay.  Many lenders Money Mutual uses operate outside of state regulation.  While they may be able to loan more than a regulated lender, they are also able to charge more than any state rate limits.  In addition there is only limited consumer protection.  It is possible to be matched to an automatically renewing loan or receive questionable collection tactics.

The advantage of working with one of the largest lead networks is real, but don’t think that Montel is there to protect you.  Money Mutual is still an excellent way of finding a lender if you need more than your state typically allows and are willing to live with the potential expense.


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Find Moola

May 7th, 2012 by revadmin

A simple site that also functions as a lead generator with a twist.  Rather than assume you want a payday loan, Find Moola tries to offer some basic information to help choose if it’s the right option.  They seem to have arrangements with both payday lenders and more traditional credit providers.

If you qualify for some of the more traditional credit providers, the rates can be excellent.  However, its hard to tell rates for the payday lending portion as they are not a direct lender.

Find Moola does have quite a repository of information, but it is not well organized.  It is quite possible to find articles about many lenders, and find out if they suit your needs.

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100 day loans

May 3rd, 2012 by revadmin

Despite the name, 100 day payday loans offers a variety of conventional payday loan options from other lenders.  Most loans do not have 100 day terms, but only extend until the next pay day.  It is impossible to know before applying exactly how much the loan will cost you, as it varies by lender.  With a variety of lenders, it is sometimes easier to get approved than applying with a direct lender.

The loan application is a very easy one, and can be completed in well under 10 minutes.    No collateral is required.  If you are approved the money will be credited directly to your account.  When the payment is due, it with be directly withdrawn from your account.


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